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07-08-2007, 07:49 PM
Hi I've followed the threads advised on this subject and they're great for java rss but it's php rss that I'm after. I've read the thread that dealt with this issue, but as it was about to be sorted the thread disappears as Nyoman helped deal with it direct.

Well I have the exact same problem. The Apache server has new handlers for htm and html server-parsed, I have a rssfeeds.php file with the appropriate php script and have pasted
<!--#include virtual="/rssfeeds.php" -->
into a blank pages html.

But to no avail.

Anyone got any thoughts as its turning my hair grey!

John Snodgrass
www.npda.co.uk (http://www.npda.co.uk/)

05-19-2008, 12:21 AM
I have the exact same problem...

I am using the codes from http://rssfeedreader.com (http://rssfeedreader.com/)

The code that was provided is:
$olderror_reporting =error_reporting(0);
includeed ("http://rssfeedreader.com/rss3/rss.php?url=&newpage=1&chead=1&atl=1&desc=1&owncss =&eleminate=&auth=1&dts=1&width=300&max=5&tlen=0&r nd=1&bt=3&bs=Double&nmb=&ntb=&naf=&nst=&nwd=300&nh t=250&dlen=0&lstyle=-1&lc=Blue&bg=White&bc=%23FF6600&spc=&ims=&tc=&ts=1 1&tfont=Verdana,+Arial,+Sans-serif&rf=".$HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SERVER_NAME'].$HTTP_SERVER_VARS['PHP_SELF']."&phpout=1");

1. I have Defined the Apache Handlers to:
.htm server-parsed
.html server-parsed
2. I saved this as rssfeed.php
3. I have published it to: public_html/
4. I have created a test page: www.kgcinternational.com/test.html (http://www.kgcinternational.com/test.html)
5. I have included the following html code in that page: <!--#include virtual="/rssfeed.php" -->
6. I saved and published this page online


Any expert on this matter?