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07-16-2007, 02:39 PM

I have a number of sites which include .php forms which when completed all the details are emailed to me.

As of last week, all of a sudden none of the sites are sending mails...

Have there been some changes to Bluevoda?

Any ideas?

Thanks, henry.

Example of form used below...

@$First_Name = addslashes($_POST['First_Name']);
@$Last_Name = addslashes($_POST['Last_Name']);
@$Email = addslashes($_POST['Email']);
@$Telephone = addslashes($_POST['Telephone']);
$pfw_header = "From: $Email\n"
. "Reply-To: $Email\n";
$pfw_subject = "Weight Loss Lead";
$pfw_email_to = "henry@broadway-marketing.com";
$pfw_message = "First_Name: $First_Name\n"
. "Last_Name: $Last_Name\n"
. "Email: $Email\n"
. "Telephone: $Telephone\n"
*****($pfw_email_to, $pfw_subject ,$pfw_message ,$pfw_header ) ;
header("Location: page3.html");

Site is http://www.youandyourhomebiz.com/page2.html