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07-17-2007, 05:13 AM
The first question is a complete noobie question:

If your site is http://www.mysite.com , then a sub-domain is http://help.mysite.com ?

The next question is how the heck to turn the html for the above links off?

Ok. The good question: I'm looking at CPanel right now, and I see the icon for "manage sub-domains" I'm hesitant to click on it...

So how DO you create a sub-domain? Can it be secured for "members only access"? This would be an excellent solution for a regular site that offers VIP content to a member base. The member base would basically have access to the entire sub-domain, with the regular site being open to the public. Is this how it's normally done?

It seems that password protecting SOME folders and not protecting others would be a bit confusing, especially when formatting links for downloads. Just be easier to have the sub-domain be the member site.

Does any of this make sense? Do I have the correct assumption on what a sub-domain actually is?


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