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07-18-2007, 03:39 AM
Hi, I have two other sites hosted through Voda and have started a third. This time when I went to publish, everything appeared to be successful until I went through my browser to take a look at the finished product. At the website www.nbssolutionsllc.com (http://www.nbssolutionsllc.com) there is just a list of html pages under the parent directory no actual site. I'm using the shared IP address that was assigned and named my home page index.html (I originally forgot about this and called it index1.html but realized my mistake, went back republished and relinked all pages to the corrected index.html). Does anyone have any clues what I'm doing wrong?

Karen Mac
07-18-2007, 05:42 AM
Yes.. You named it Index, with a capitol I, needs to be lower case index.


07-18-2007, 01:57 PM
Thank you, I will give that a shot-