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07-18-2007, 08:22 PM
Can someone take a look at my Workshops link and tell me why even though I've published and ftp'd with BlueFTP, my links aren't working?

I would appreciate any advice!


07-18-2007, 08:37 PM
Hi, publishing is fine with BV. But you can’t FTP a BV page as it won’t work.
The links on this page are also not quite right. IE: None of them have an extension
http://www.lkarts.com/workshops-lkarts-acting-priming Assuming this is a page & not a directory? Should be more like .


07-18-2007, 09:03 PM
Wow! Where should it say html? Let me run this by you: in BlueVoda, it has a .bvp extension of course. In ftp it has an html extension. Where is the extension missing?

07-18-2007, 10:18 PM
Hi. Not sure if we are getting mixed up with bvp & html. All BV pages should be published & not uploaded & named as just a name with no extensions added.
If you try to upload a bv page not will not work properly.
I assume you have a page called one of the pages “workshops-lkarts-acting-priming”? If so the link to this page has not got an html extension in the link. It looks like this http://www.lkarts.com/workshops-lkarts-acting-priming & should look like the one in the box above.
But in saying this, I assume you haven’t published the page named
workshops-lkarts-acting-priming as yet??

07-18-2007, 10:56 PM
Yes, actually, I've published all of the pages. And when I save them in bluevoda, they of course have an extension of bv. Where *precisely* should I go to put the html extension on?

Thanks again!!!

07-18-2007, 11:06 PM
Ohhh!!!!! I see what you mean now! Thanks a million!!!!!

07-18-2007, 11:11 PM
Dagnabit ... still not working.

07-19-2007, 02:11 AM
You do not publish BlueVoda pages via BlueFTP, click the below...


07-20-2007, 09:05 AM
Yep! That's what I've been doing. It's working now. The only thing not working all the time is my index page, which goes wonky at odd times.

07-20-2007, 09:31 AM
Please check an answer in the Showcase thread as requested...

07-21-2007, 06:52 PM
Hi Vasili!

What is the "Showcase thread"? And "as requested"? Can you help me understand? Thanks!