View Full Version : Trying To Let People Upload Files

07-25-2007, 08:09 PM
I have designed a form and have it set up so when anyone submits this it is sent to my email. Within this form I have a box to enable people to upload files to me but these never come across with the other form information.

What have I missed out ?

07-25-2007, 08:48 PM
If you have used the simple script provided in the Forms Tutorial, you can NOT upload a file.

To achieve this, please look at these two threads:

1. How to upload a file using a form (http://www.vodahost.com/vodatalk/forms/7233-how-upload-file-using-form.html)

2. Advanced BlueVoda Form Processor (http://www.vodahost.com/vodatalk/forms/12794-advanced-bluevoda-form-processor.html)

The second one will also attach the files to the email that you will recieve.

07-25-2007, 09:08 PM
Thanks for you help. I will give this a try tomorrow but am a complete novice and this does look slightly complicated. Ah well, nothing ventured nothing gained