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07-30-2007, 12:06 PM
Hello all from www.algomastienda.com (http://www.algomastienda.com)


1. Sub categories
I have a very large and diverse range of stock to sell, i.e. Ladies, mens, childrens & baby clothing, *****, suglasses, jewellry, accessories etc to name a few. Various new and almost new, designer, special occasion, high st brands, modern, vintage, retro etc etc etc.

My problem is that I need categories and multiple sub categories, e.g. Ladies - dresses - sizes etc.
At the moment I am having to list every item individually i.e. same dress but different sizes, means instead of one picture and description with all sizes, I am having to list each size. Tried using price difference sub category by putting the sizes in there, worked slightly, but realised stock available would not recognise which ones had been sold if you see what I mean. This would be impratical anyway to use this method due to diversity of items. Can someone point me in the right direction to resolve this.

2. Shipping.
I need to have shipping cost options for Spain (local), rest of Europe and International. I have been into setting up shipping costs and the options are limited/confusing. When I set up as just local, it is fine but when I try to add International it gets confusing, and do not think it allows the options I require.

3. Menu tabs/categories (this probably links to my 1st question slightly)
Looking at other web pages the menu tabs for Home, about us, etc etc are separate from categories. eg. menu tabs for home at top of page and then categories for products (and subsequent subcategories) listed vertically, how do we do this.

as soholaunch is live and build as you go, you can look at what i have done so far to give an idea of what we are about, any tips on the above would be helpful.

Thank you. Maureen and Adrian

Karen Mac
07-30-2007, 06:12 PM
Maureen, Adrian..

1.)The shopping cart itself where you add the products doesnt do SUB categories, you have to put them all as categories.

2.) Soho cart is limited in shipping. What I do is add a product for extra shipping outside my country and tell them they must add it to cart in order for it to be shipped, or set it to manual calculations and notify them you will contact them for a final price on shipping to that country or zone.

3.)If you read the tutorials or go thru the tutorials, youd have lots less questions. You create a page and decide rather or not its ON the menu, check NO, create page. When you are ready to display it, go to MENU NAVIGATION and choose rather to add it as a sub or top level menu, hilite it on the left and click the add button, and on the left move it up and down until it appears where you want it, in the case of a sub, under the category you wish it to appear.

4.) You can do more pictures on the product page, as many as you need for the variations. I would set the product availability based on MY lowest count of instock, and tick the box to apply the inventory count. You will then need to watch it to remove the variation when it reaches 0, and reset your product count.