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08-05-2007, 11:47 PM
One of my site has been up and running for about three months. It was indexed by Yahoo in about a week and was in the first page of Yahoo search results for about 10 keywords. It was indexed by Google in about 20 days. The traffic provided from Google has been increasing slowly but steadily since then. Now the main keyword Black Panther Animal (http://www.blackpantheranimal.com/) is in the second position of Google and most of traffic from search engines comes from Google. But there is still no Google pagerank (not even a 0) for this site. Anyone knows a reason for that? I know Google has sandbox. But I read someone mentioned in this forum that a relative new site got a pagerank(No specific time mentioned though).

I added Adsense ads to this site about two weeks ago. I noticed that my Yahoo search ranking for the main keyword dropped from 4th to 11th after that. Does Adsense affect Yahoo search ranking negatively?

My Adsense conversion rate on this site is only about 4% in last two weeks. Is it too low? Since this is just a small niche area, the payout per click is very low (most of time only a few cents). Are there any suggestions to increase Adsense income except increasing traffic?

Thank you for any help.


Black Panther Animal (http://www.blackpantheranimal.com/)

08-09-2007, 07:02 PM
As to page rank - it can take time to get one - Google usually only does that a few times a year. I wouldn't worry about it - the page rank you see isn't the real page rank within Google anyway. I wish they'd get rid of it entirely for all the brouhaha it causes.

The conversion rate is actually in the good range.

Good luck to you.