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08-11-2007, 02:33 PM
Being a newbe webmaster, could you tell me how to get pages off menu on SoHo. I was on the edit page in soho & saw all pages were on menu but could not find any way to change to off menu.

Also I plan on a catolog type website similar to my ebay store, with aprox 600 items with many different types of shipping fees. Flat rate,calculated,drop shippers flat rates. I read that i may be better off using the Blue Voda web site builder instead of SoHo as there are more different shipping options. Would you agree and would the harder to learn BV versus SOho be a good trade off
Thanks Angelo V

Karen Mac
08-11-2007, 08:09 PM
When you create a page you are given the choice of putting it on or off menu. If you are working on a page already ON the menu, you can shut it off by going to the menu navigation. If you would go thru the tutotials etc, youd see this, or should see it.

If you use BV you have to ADD a cart. This will either be paypal, cart manager or mals ecommerce or roman cart.

Soho is limited to shipping options and most opt for a flat rate shipping or add shipping to each product. There is currently a shipping add on, but I havent tried it to know how or if it works to add more options, or just a different option. Again, reading up on the soho site, soho forum, and the soho addon site will solve this dilemna.

As a new webmaster, you should do your research before you build, that way you arent cussing us when you decide to start over half way thru. Decide what you can and cant live with and explore the options available to you.