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08-12-2007, 02:42 PM
Hi to the people of Bluevoda and Vodahost web hosting (http://www.vodahost.com).

This forum's great - extremely helpful people.

Without having a clue of how to make a web site, publish and then optimize it, and then market the site,
We have managed to:

1. Create a web site.
2. Publish and refine the site.
3. Reach the top of Google search for this sector of the market.
4. Generate a growing business.
5. Offer customers a great service and save them money.
6. Have some fun learning the web SEO art.
7. Eaten a lot biscuits
8. Drank a lot of tea & coffee.
9. With some frustrating moments and some that were, "thats easy!"
10. Stop buyers being scammed.
What we have achieved is all down to: The Bluevoda Company AND the most helpful people on this forum.
With many thanks


UK Car Inspections Ltd
www.ukcarinspections.com (http://www.ukcarinspections.com)