View Full Version : Problems loading Camtasia Videos

08-13-2007, 09:56 PM
I had found a thread that described my exact problems at

camtasia .swf issue

but... he figured a solution himself and the thread is closed.

I have been trying for many hours now to figure out how he corrected his problem. There are no html files that I can find, maybe he was using an older version or something.

Heres my problem:

i am trying to put a flash file on my website

i used camtasia studio to create a .swf file from a powerpoint file (very good program)

camtasia gives me a .swf file, a .controller file and a .preloader file for the same presentation

i can get the .swf file to preview but the movie has no window or controller

how do i get all 3 files to work together and display a movie with a frame and control panel ?