View Full Version : Linking form with db table - I am missing somthing

08-19-2007, 04:21 PM

I have successfully (i think) installed ABVFP and created a form entry indicating the data is to be stored in a db table.

when I submit the for the info comes to my email and i get the thank you page, but it is not going into the mysql table.

I cannot see how the two elements are connected (the form and the table that is). They are very simple test versions just one form field "name" and 3 table fields (which include the required date and ip fields) as well as the required hidden form field.

I know I am missing something in the process. I figure there should be somewhere in the ABVFP_forms table entry where I tell it which table to use?

Please any advice would be great.

08-19-2007, 11:10 PM
No, there isn't. ABVFP creates a table called "Form:nr_XX" where xx is the formid asigned by ABVFP and used in the form.

Please note that if you have made any editings in your ABVFP CP regarding this form, you need EACH time to check again the "Store in Database" radio button, because it is bt default set to NOT store.

08-20-2007, 12:36 AM
Where should this table be located?

The only tables I see in the database are ABVFP_Form and test_table (which I created). There is a reference to the form id for my form in the ABVFP_Form table. Any other suggestions?

I am using the manual table creation approach.

08-20-2007, 07:58 AM
If, in example, the form id is 3, you should have created a table called "Form_nr_3" and you should have MANUALLY added the correct fields (defining not only field names, but also type of fields and lenghts)

If you didn't, or if the fields are not correctly setup, ABVFP will NOT store the data in it. So i suggest that you completely cancel the table, then go in ABVFP's control panel and make sure to set it to automatically create the table. Check again also the "Store in database" radio button.

08-20-2007, 01:05 PM

That is what I was missing. I will give it a try later today.