View Full Version : Instructions of uploading images via form and other requests

08-23-2007, 02:32 AM
CLIENT ID # 16875

Can anyone direct me to information on what field type to use for uploading images via my form.

Is there a listing of field types and how to define them in phpmyadmin?

Also is this a link to a comprehensive user guide for ABVFP2 that I can refer too?

I am getting there one step at a time, this with all of your help.



08-23-2007, 09:05 AM
1. You need to add a "File Upload" field. It is in the same toolbar as the other form elements.

2. database field types: you can go in the official site of MySQL. The field types and description are in the online manual.

3. ABVFP v2 manual: the user guide is included in the zip that you download, in Word format. It contains all the necessary installation, setup and usage instructions.

If you use ABVFP, it is NOT necessary to define the fields in the database, ABVFP will automatically create the necessary fields based on the form fields, the first time that you submit. I advise to set ABVFP NOT to store the data in the database initially. Test the form, make sure to have everything working, then, and only when everything else is ok, enter your ABVFP cp and set the settings for the specific form, to STORE the data in he database.

I advise this because ABVFP creates the table the very first time you submit. So, if the first time, there is something wrong with your form, the table will be probably incomplete or setup with wrong field lenghths etc.