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08-23-2007, 08:01 AM
Hi all, not sure if this is in the right section so please move if necessary mods.

I want to design a real-estate website with a searchable database of available properties. I don't know to add the database and search facility, is there a tutorial or sticky to start me off?

I can use forms and tables but I suspect that to combine them with a user-searchable database would be a rather more involved process.

Any help would be appreciated.

08-23-2007, 09:35 AM
Hi there,

I am no expert but my exerience in genealogy database are:

1] Create a database using a genealogy or family tree software or program.
2] The software/program has the function to convert the whole database to html.

3] A hyperlink is created from your index page to your php login page then to the database created by the program which is already interactive.

4] Another way is to use a "Go search menu" and hyperlink it to the software/program generated database directly.

5] I have seen an ad on real estate software somewhere but I cant remember the link address. Try a google search.

I think it would be much cheaper and time saving to us a ready made software than to create a new one.

08-23-2007, 09:48 AM
Yes, it is far more than creating a form and a database.
Of course you need some forms: for user registering, for property details etc. Then, you need to be able to edit both, so you need at least another couple of forms. In reality it is far more complicated than that. The pages that will display the property details are also dynamically created, retrieving the data from the database.

In other words, you need either a ready made script, from the many that you can find on the net, or a custom made script made by someone that has the knowledge. In my opinion.