View Full Version : Can my site have both Soholaunch AND BlueVoda pages?

08-26-2007, 07:34 PM
Hi -

I built a small website with BlueVoda, then installed Soholaunch and published some pages and it wiped out my existing website that had been built with BlueVoda. I understand that Soholaunch needs its own subdirectory, but have not been able to find out exactly what that means and how it can or cannot interact with BlueVoda on the same website.

Can someone please help explain? My questions:

1) Can I have both BlueVoda and Soholaunch pages on the website? The only reason: I know what I am doing in BlueVoda and SohoLaunch is new to me, so I want to just start by building the "shopping" pages in SohoLaunch and leave the other pages in BlueVoda. If this is silly to do, I will just roll up my sleeves and build the whole thing in Soholaunch.

2) No issues if I need to do the whole thing in SL, but if I want to keep both SL and BV, then *exactly* what is the sub-directory where Soholaunch should be [what: installed? pages published to? I don't understand... Exactly where does this information get input and what do I need to type?]

3) I already installed SL - Do I need to uninstall SL and reinstall it to get it into the right subdirectory?

4) I used the Wizard for kicks and used a trial template that I do not actually want to use. How do I get rid of the template and use my own design?

Thank you very much kind people for helping to illuminate how to use Soholauch! It looks like a fantastic website builder and I am excited about creating an e-commerce site with it and seeing it work.


Karen Mac
08-26-2007, 10:11 PM
Hi TP,

You might try these threads...




Soho needs a "SUB DOMAIN" not a sub directory. You cant use both BV and Soho at the same time, Its like trying to make *****s and oranges mix without a blender. You can make entry pages in one domain with bv, and then LINK them to soho in another domain or SUB domain.

There are many tutorials and posts for editing soho templates, and you might check the soholaunch forum for more info on templates. The manual explains in further detail as does the wiki at soholaunch on editing templates. There is also a template builder where you can sort of make a template, and there is also templates express and a soho launch add on site.

It is easier to just build the site in soho, than it is to mix and match. However you could use soho for a general checkout and LINK several other storefronts or sites to use the database and categories to service that store.