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08-29-2007, 07:52 AM
I'm making a list of products to sell. I have an icon I have created with unique html for EACH icon that I would like to place NEXT TO A TEXT LINE within a text box.

The reason is when updating site with more products, I simply want to be able to add another line in the text box; otherwise I add a line to the text box, I will have to manually move every little payment icon down and line it up, since right now all these little icons are basically image boxes. This takes too much time.

Soho does this admirably. Simply open up the text editor, insert your image, give the space bar a couple of taps, type your text, rinse and repeat for next line. You can also add html code to the icons later as well.

How is this done in BV? I would simply create the text/image box in Soho, save the html code, and import that into BV. Tried the copy/paste route, that doesn't work. Right click is disabled when viewing html in a Soho text box.

I would use Soho, but the template design I have created does not have the font that I want to use. Very annoying. Soho has zip for font selection, and my efforts at dl/install into soho have proven fruitless. Perhaps it's possible to save a BV page as a template and import to Soho? Is it possible to save a "portion" of the source code on a BV page and import it as a custom script?

A little help would be appreciated.

08-29-2007, 08:31 AM
Hi, you maybe able to do this using tables. So if you then wanted to add another item in the middle you would just insert anther row & add your details