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11-18-2005, 04:10 PM
SEVEN 'Must follow' rules while participating in Message boards.
By Radhika Venkata (c).

Participating in message boards (forums) discussions is a great
way of self promotion. It costs you nothing. Not even a penny.
All you have to do is allot sometime for this type of promotion.

Before you getting started you need to know some must follow
principles. You want your time to be profitable for you.
Right? So what ever time you are gonna spend should bring you
some profits.

What are those principles?

***1. Target your promotion:***

If you are search engine optimization expert, then you will be
benefited by search engine forums. People coming to those forums
need help in their web site optimization. If you are willing to
share your knowledge with those people, you will gain their
confidence and needless to say few customers too.

***2. Always follow the forum rules:***

In some forums or some areas of forums self promotion is not
allowed. At the same time, some sub-forums are alloted to post
your product advertisement. So read carefully before posting
your product details anywhere on the forum.

***3. Use signature files:***

Almost all the forums allow signature files. These may be less
than 4 lines or less than some 250 characters. This varies from
forum to forum. So be concise with your wording.

Most IMPORATNT advice is always offer something free in your
signature file. Free report on how to increase sales, free
email course on how to design a web site that pulls orders or
any topic that focuses on your web site theme. This always
beats keeping your product price in your signature file. You
can built your opt-in list too.

In signature files DON'T hide URL with 'Click here' as link
text. Let people accustom to your web site name or your product
name. If you just use as 'Click here' instead of 'SEO tips
and tricks', it looks dull and less interesting.

***4. Change the heading while answering a question:***

If somebody ask a question like - 'What are web site promotion

In reply you can change the heading to what ever you want instead
of 'Re:What are web site promotion methods?'

You can keep an interesting heading to make your post prominent
from others. Like 'FOUR best methods to start with...' or
'Advertising with out spending a penny.' etc. These type of
headings certainly attracts people's eyes.

***5. Give respect to others opinions:***

Don't say harsh words even though you know what other person
saying is wrong. Be polite. What you want to say tell it
clearly and concisely.

If you don't know a topic still you want to comment on that,
add 'in my opinion..., as far i know...' etc. Point out to
resources if you know any.

***6. Follow up the thread:***

If you start participating in a thread, then check the box
that says 'Email Notification'. When ever somebody replies your
question, email will be sent to you. So you can post a reply
or follow others answers and opinions.

What is the use of this?
=You may end up with learning something from that discussion
=It could be a topic for your next ezine article or ebook or a
=You can get to know of people of that thread

***7. Every day allot some time:***

Save the forum URLs in your favorites folder. Everyday try to
visit them regularly. By this you can know the what is going on
around you. You may know good resources and free information
links that are useful to you. If you come across any information
that is useful to you save them on your computer.

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