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09-20-2007, 07:16 PM
I am relatively new to this forum and website design. I have created a professional form for my engineering clients to spec out equipment to purchase. I use both fill-in-the-blanks plus check-boxes.

When I first got the form to send to email, the sequencing of fields was all random. The 5-star General said to go back to the form in BlueVoda and click on each field in sequence telling them to Move To Top. I did this to every field that I created on the form for data collection to email.

The problem I have now is all the fill-in-the-blank fields are now in proper order and showing up in the email, but no-longer is any of the check box values showing up in the email. Can someone give me advice how to resolve this last issue??? Is The 5-Star General Online - I need your help??

Much Thanks in Advance!!


Fred Diebold
Vietnam Vet :)

Situation Resolved - Check mark values only show up in email if they are indeed checked first! Yahoo!