View Full Version : 301 redirect script and Google

09-29-2007, 03:51 PM
I have actually three questions below but to give some background....

I have a website at www.affordableweb.biz (http://www.affordableweb.biz) which has been configured for SEO and especially Google.

I have compressed the HTML for the index page (not uploaded to root directory as of yet) so as to load the website faster but on validating the meta-tags for this compressed page it has become clear to me that the search engines and google bot cannot read the meta-tags and content etc. which would result in my site being bumped from the serps.

My question is how do I use the compressed page to allow for fast loading of my website while at the same time remaining in Google's SERP's?

If I use a 301 redirect script from the meta-tagged home page to the compressed HTML page (both having same content and look exact same in any browser but only meta-page being read by search engines)...

Will it be "Google Friendly"?

Will Google read the "Meta Page" content whilst redirecting to the unreadable compressed copy and ultimatly not affect my position in the serps?

Will the load time, considering if all the above will work, be faster or will nothing be different since still keeping existing page etc.?

Any and all opinions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.