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10-02-2007, 10:55 AM
Hello everyone, my name is Voravit and my website with vodahost is www.infozeek.net (http://www.infozeek.net).

I have put adsense ads on my pages (also in several subdomains) and they all work fine since several months ago.
Until lately, instead of the usual ads, the warnings are found in their places (as shown in attached file).

This happens only to all my websites with the root URL www.infozeek.net (http://www.infozeek.net) (eg. www.cruise.infozeek.net (http://www.cruise.infozeek.net) www.aikido.infozeek.net (http://www.aikido.infozeek.net) etc.) However, this does not happen to my other websites with different root URL (eg. www.globalbusinessfromhome.net (http://www.globalbusinessfromhome.net) and www.qualityplusinfo.com (http://www.qualityplusinfo.com))

My Google Adsense account is still active and no information from Google Adsense that any of my URL's are blocked. I sent an email to Google Support few weeks back, but have not recieved any reply yet.

Does this happen to anyone? Can anyone please help giving some advices?

N.B. Since the warning is so scarry and embarassing, I have just removed the adsense codes only from www.infozeek.net (http://www.infozeek.net) - but could not remove them from all other subdomains as there are hundreds of them!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

10-09-2007, 10:29 AM
I am waiting desperately for advice.
Also sent new message to Google Support - but no replied!

I also removed few recently downloaded programs. Still nothing changes.
I did ask for help from Vodahost support - but was told to post my problem in this forum.

Thanks and Regards