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10-04-2007, 12:29 PM
Hi, I am trying to make a CSS with areas/panels that have borders for a basic page layout. This seems to be no problem with FF & Opera. But with IE it changes the size of the div area because it adds the border on the internal part of the div & leaves a larger gap between the panel areas. (At least I think this is what its doing)
Is there a way to stop this happening? So it looks the same in all browsers.
Sample page. http://www.collectors-info.com/testing/css-test.html


10-04-2007, 05:49 PM
The reason your getting the gaps is because bluevoda is using an absolute position for each of the div tags it generates. It is either automatically adding a 5 px space between elements, or you need to move each element closer by 5 px, and shrinking the width of the top and bottom div's that BV creates by 5 px.

Since the ones you added are within the BV div's, it takes on their absolute position.

Hope that helps, post again if it doesn't or its not clear (had a rough time explaining)

I attached a zip with a html file with the fixes, so it doesn't have the gaps, (if it will help)

10-04-2007, 07:56 PM
Hi CJ,
Thanks for the update & giving me some samples by example. (Which is great for me). I was hoping to create a few templates that were easily adjustable for BV users just like the BV shapes. So I was trying to have similar facilities that the shape has, but using the html boxes. The advantage of this, is to let BV users place a BV html box on the screen & adjust to what ever size they would like. But then have the facility to adjust colors/borders via a remote style sheet. (Not worried about the text just yet). With the html box on the screen it will still give the user a view of where the finished colored panel will end up as the html box will be a guide to where text & images can still be placed. Other wise a BV user will be working a bit blind. I think it can be done this way, but with a few limitations. I have adjusted the one that I did & is not too bad. http://www.collectors-info.com/testing/css-test.html
What i was hoping to do was have a facility to use Navalís php style of pages with a simple CSS for global changes that was easy for all BV users.