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10-12-2007, 06:19 PM
I can't figure it out. My main domain is www.world-view-travel.com (http://www.world-view-travel.com). My 2nd domain is www.prideoftexasfestival.com (http://www.prideoftexasfestival.com). 3rd domain is www.tag-itexpress.com (http://www.tag-itexpress.com)

I changed the DNS nameserver to ns1.voda19.com and ns2.voda19.com for all three domains under Register.com. I notice that my 2nd domain was forwarded. 3rd domain went directly to the site. And 1st domain went directly to the site.

I also did an addon for the 2nd and 3rd domains which both appeared under my public_html folder. I published all files to their folders. And I redirected the addon to the proper domain name. (I thought that might work.)

Now when I type in the 2nd or 3rd domain my 1st domain appears.

What have I done wrong? How do I fix this?


10-12-2007, 08:19 PM
You don't need to setup a redirect on the addon domains. When you add them as an addon they are assigned a folder within your public_html. This folder acts as their root directory. When you enter in the domain name it loads the files from their assigned folder, just like your main domain loads directly from the public_html.