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11-23-2005, 07:06 PM

I would like to have your opinion regardnig search enginies.
I am pretty high on relevant search engines when I type word "stomatolog or stomatologi"(1st and second place respectevly). Since this is not the most ussual word to search in dental field in slovenian language, I thing to re-name one of my page names in some other word. I would save page with "save as" command and publish it. All the links would be as they are, so visitors can navigate on my site. Any suggestion?
If It does not make any differnece, how can I "unpublish" or remove this page from my public html?

11-23-2005, 07:10 PM

nice avatar. Thank you.
Where did you find it? I would use it on my site if I can.

Kind regards

11-23-2005, 07:59 PM
2.Just open an ftp programme or BlueFTP if you don't have one and connect.When connected, simply find and delete the page(e.g example.html or example.php it depens on what extensiong you used when saving)

1.Well,just renaming a page may be a little tricky and can cause some links not to work.
i have a site with 5 pages,named page1,page2.......
Page1 has a word in its content that links to every other page.
Page2 has a word in its content that links to every other page.
the same for all 5 pages.

So,let's say i changed page1 to page01.When the page01 is open everything works because th other 4 pages are linked(unless there is a link for page01 too).
BUT,when page2 opens,not everything works because when someone presses to the word that links to page01 it will not work because the link will not be for page01-the current one- but for page1-i didn't change the link,just the name of the page,remember?-

To sum up,if you are gonna change a name of a page and that page is already linked by other pages,you will have to edit all the links from the pages that link to the page that you want to change its name.

I hope i explained it well.

(by the way,changing name and links might have an effect on the rank of search engines.That's why someone should complete his page before submitting.In case that although it's completed,the owner wants to change the site, then,change it and then optimize it again.But,i guess you don't need to worry.Changing a name or 2,or a link or 2 won't be that bad )

11-23-2005, 08:43 PM
Hi xdigimaster,
thank you for taking your time for an answer.
What I have in mind is that page1 will still be published. I would just add page01(page1 saved with "save as" as page01). There will be two completely identical pages , but with different names. There will be no links to page01 but it does not matter, since there are links out of that page and to page1, which is identical.
Or should I change all the links and publish all over again. I have no problem with used space and band width?

11-24-2005, 11:53 AM
There isn't any problem.Since the names are different,everything is good.(since the names are diffeent,it doesn'tmatter that the 2 pages are identical)

08-23-2007, 11:38 AM
Hey, satneC, i know this might not fit with the theme of this thread, but how, probably you did, write slovene text in BlueVoda? I seem to never be able to get the "č" character!