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10-14-2007, 07:48 PM
A clueless newbie need advice and help!

I have been wathing all the tutorials and read many,many posts about cms,scripts,databases and i am still confused about this subject.

In my mainpage i want to create (lets call it textures,signatures) thumbs where ppl can click on the thumb and be redirected to another page where all the textures,signatures are and when they click on the texture they will be able to see the full size image of it, and then if they want to download it then they just can right click and save it.
Something like a fotogallery.
In that gallery then they should have the option to go next page or back and see the full size image.
I have 7 categories with 22 folders together.

1) What do i need to install? (cms,script,database)
2) How do i install that? (without having any problems)
3) How do i link it all together?
4) How do i strucure all that? (folders,thumbs,pictures)

Plz help out or advise a totaly cluless newbie.

Regards Supermax

10-15-2007, 12:44 AM
1) You will need to find a script to do it, I don't know of one offhand. Check hotscripts.com , they may what you need

2) Installation will depend on the script, most likely you will just need to create a database, edit a configuration file, and install tables into the database (most good ones have a installation scripts build in, so you just have to follow the steps).

3) You will just install it in a directory on your site... http://www.yoursite.com/script
and most likely it will have an index file and you just link directly to the folder.

4) You shouldn't have to worry about the structure, the script should take care of where all the files will go, etc

Hope that helps, keep in mind pretty much all of the questions will depend on the script

10-16-2007, 12:33 PM
Thank you wery much for that reply now i know.Thank`s!