View Full Version : HTML on thankyou page

10-27-2007, 02:49 PM
having tried to follow the basic tutorials on form making but the more I re-read it or watch the tutorials the more confused I get. I just can't seem to find the
$mailto = " yourmail@yourdomain.com" .....ect...
to highlight inthe first place.
Also to show how really thick I am the yourmail@yourdomain.com doesthat mean you automatically get an email linked eith the website nam or does it go off your regular email address?
Thanks for your help!

10-27-2007, 06:45 PM
Stupid me..just realised that I was looking for the <?PHP ...etc... code to already be on the html script! When actually I was suppose to insert the previously copied code into the blank white table which is underneath the said script! I think I needed one of those red arrows to the white part of the table 'cos thick me was looking at the wrong part!