View Full Version : Overwriting exsisting OsCommerce site !!!!

10-31-2007, 01:52 PM
Hi all, just a quick question !

I have built a oscommerce site but ran into problems with online payments !

What i need to do is overwrite my exsisting Oscommerce site with a new basic site using BV website builder. Then I want to re-publish the Oscommerce site again, say a month later !
How can I do this? I obviously do not want to loose the Oscommerce site as its stocked with over 2500+ products and took a while building it!??
I just want to overwrite temporarly!

Could i simply publish a new page using BV web builder called www.yourlovestore.co.uk/index.html (http://www.yourlovestore.co.uk/index.html) (Link not active)
Would this effect the www.yourlovestore.co.uk/index.php (http://www.yourlovestore.co.uk/index.php) (current installation.

Any help would be really appreciated, thanks, steve

Karen Mac
10-31-2007, 02:05 PM
If you overwrite anything it will screw up your oscommerce store. What you need to do is leave it stand and simply Put something to the effect that its still under construction on the home page, OR.. set up paypal to process your payments UNTIL you do get a payment processor installed and ssl.


10-31-2007, 02:53 PM
Thanks for taking interest Karen,

My store already has a Paypal module set-up so I can currently accept payments through them.

I have scanned the web and joined up with a company called SecPay, they can process online card payments straight into my bank account (so i thought ! ) I have since found that Payment processors require a Internet Merchant Number, which you only get with a commercial/business account.......Still with me?

I have now spoken to several banks, trying to open such account and found that because im selling "Adult" Lingerie they wont touch me !!

So me being the Master of Cunning and..... male....He he....Thought why dont i simply change the look of the site until a Merchant account is open, then resort back to the original site once the payment processor is set-up.

i have spoken to Secpay and they have no problems with the site and they state that they already provide service for this type of business worldwide.
It blooming banks in the U.K are so picky!!

Just thought i would add that im paying montly fees to Secpay already at 10.00 a month and they require 12 months if you terminate the contract!

Hmmmm always read the small print I Guess !!!!!!

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks again, Steve

Karen Mac
10-31-2007, 10:08 PM
ASK them who they recommend.. if they have them world wide, then they know what banks they are paying!