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10-31-2007, 07:04 PM
I guess I am just a little ingnorant sometimes trying to follow instructions and sure could use your Help.

Please give an example of what the:

"Data Base Host" entry should look like. The words "local host" are obviously not right. Is this my BV server IP address or is it an http:// link or, the CP/MySql link or what? I am really confused on what needs to be put in this line.

Also, is the datatbase password requested on the last line the new one I am creating in line 2 or the one I use to get to my CP?

Lastly; Idea for future update. If a mistake is made in one of the lines, how about pointing out which lines need correcting. Right now, I don't know if they are all wrong, which ones are wrong or what combination of entries I need to correct. Just a thought!



10-31-2007, 09:16 PM
Click on the Yellow ? beside each section of the installation wizard and a popup will open with instructions. However, Host is localhost

Database username and password are the ones that you have created when you create the DB, created the DB user, and added this user to the Database. Instead, username and password for ABVFP are used to access your ABVFP control panel after installation.

There is no way for a script to establish which detail (host, DB name, DB user, DB password) is wrong. The script can only see that it cannot establish a connection to the database. This is valid for all scripts that use a database, not only ABVFP