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11-12-2007, 12:19 AM
How long does it take for google to fnid my site?
It's been up for quite a while.

Yahoo found my site pretty fast, and I changed the meta tags on it a while ago, will yahoo change my page discritption as well? or will it always stay like that after it found it for the first time?

Karen Mac
11-12-2007, 12:25 AM
Define quite awhile?

Where do u link to it? Yahoo displays what it wants to display based on your page content and sometimes your description tag.


11-12-2007, 10:17 AM
I don't think it takes google long to find your site. What is your url?

11-12-2007, 06:07 PM
How do you know Google hasn't found your site?

11-27-2007, 11:22 PM
My domain name is schoenfarms.com (http://www.schoenfarms.com) I can't find my website neither in google or yahoo.

11-28-2007, 01:15 AM
Hi, I submitted your home page to http://www.sitereportcard.com/ and it shows you are listed in google for 3 of your pages but NOT the home page.
You might submit it yourself and see if you can determine what is wrong or right about your site.
I noticed that you have all pages other than your index page Titled the same. I also noticed that ONLY on your Index page, your Keywords are separated by commas but without a space between them, yet the report gives you 10/10 for keywords with a total of only 13 keywords.
It also showed load time as 139 seconds BUT that might have been just this once that I checked - it could be different when you check it.
You also have TWO of the pages opening in separate pages. You obviously have the link target set to _blank. Intentional or accident??

11-28-2007, 04:30 AM
you are right about all of this, but I'm not sure how to fix that problem
I need help!

11-28-2007, 05:10 AM
Try this:
1) open your index page in BV. Right click on page and select page properties. Choose Meta Tag section. It will show you all your Keywords. Just edit there by inserting a space after each comma. Close, save page and publish. (Wait until you have done all these tasks for the pages, then publish them all)

2) open each of your pages in turn, right click on page and open page properties again for these. On the General heading, (first that comes up by default), Change the Title of the page there. It is this title that shows up on the Viewer's Browser tab. Hence if they have a couple of pages open, they can see by the tabs which page is which. So Name accordingly. Name them differently, e.g. Products OR Schoen Farm Products (Shorter is better).

3) I don't know what method your Menu Buttons are established. Meaning that I don't know if you will have to go to each page and change the settings on each button or whether you can do it from just the master. Anyway, bring up each page in BV, right click on your Navigation Buttons and select Properties. It will open in the General tab showing the details of your buttons/links. Go to edit on the right side. Now you will see a EDIT MENU ITEM. Look down to Target and they should be blank (nothing in the box). If they have _blank showing, delete it.
Once you've done that for each page, save the page and publish.
Hope this is of help.
Rick (who is married to a Canuck from Ontario)

11-28-2007, 05:29 AM
does the 3rd step help with the load time?

11-28-2007, 05:52 AM
No. I just looked again at each page. The problem is your photos/images on Home page. They are way too big in file size. You need to Optimise them. They are only what could be described as thumbnails yet are larger in filesize than a full blown image should be at say 800 x 600!
If you want to know how to optimise them there are lots of threads on the Forum to explain different techniques and applications. Simplest for you I think would be to visit this site, http://www.sitereportcard.com/imagereducer.php and submit your images there on-line. It will give you TEN image reductions Without changing image dimensions) and will show the file size and quality reduction for each. You select which one you think retains as much quality as required, copy/save it to your computer and then use this image in your page. DON'T save it with the same name and overwrite the original :)
Good luck,

11-28-2007, 06:11 AM
Wow .... I overlooked the image in your Banner! On the Home page it is 250Kb and subsequent pages 46 kb. I'd say it should be around 10 kb.
Right click on each element in you page like these images and you'll see the file size in kb