View Full Version : Best Way To Use ProShow in BV?

01-14-2008, 04:35 PM
What is the easiest way to introduce and present a ProShow created video using a BV web Page... Thanks Doug

03-23-2008, 06:03 AM
Hi, Doug.

I use ProShow on two of my websites, the one for Crescent Run and the one for Property Slides. If you go to www.CrescentRunAZ.com (http://www.CrescentRunAZ.com) and click on the Photos tab you'll see one basic slide show (High Tea) and the other is video of Line Dancing. I did not take the video, it was submitted to me to put on the site. It's only about a 3.5 min show, but takes quite a while to download and start. Individual slides download much faster.

In BV you have to create a new page and put an html box in the center. When you use ProShow and add your video, select output method Web Show. This will give you a file with a .px ending, and show you some html code. This code is then copied and pasted into the html box on your .bvp page. You also have to remember to upload the saved .px file to the server or you get "page will not display" error.

Any other questions, let me know. I am using ProShow Gold.

03-25-2008, 02:16 PM
Hi SherylT... Thanks for the info... I'll give it a shot... Doug

01-08-2009, 07:19 PM
I've been unable to successfully put a Flash slideshow created by ProShow Gold on my web page. I don't want the show to open on a new page- I'd like to have run in a box on my home page.The instructions from Photodex are a little bit cryptic. They say:

Adding a Flash show to a web page requires adding a few lines of custom HTML and JavaScript code. You must be familiar with these technologies to use a Flash show. If you are using a visual editor to create your website, you must be able to edit the source code of your web page directly. You cannot use the visual editing features in those programs to add a Flash show.

I've seen posts from people who have had the same issue, but the replys have been kinda confusing for a newbie like myself. Can anybody provide a step-by-step set of directions for achieving this?

I don't want the show to open on a new page- I'd like to have run in a box on my home page, and I'd like the show to be viewable with the normal Flash player, not the Photodex Viewer or their own Active X control.

Thanks in advance to anybody who can get me headed in the right direction.....

01-12-2009, 09:40 PM
Hi Rick,
Just came across your post as I was looking for a solution to my Flash problem. I use Producer, so I think I can help.
Create your Pro Show flash show. (You will have 2 files, a .flv file, and a .swf file).
Open and connect to FTP, find these two files on the left side of your screen. Drag each over, one at a time, waiting for each to load, into the right side. Disconnect from FTP.
Go to the builder. On the left side of the screen, click on Flash, it's the one with the 'f' in the center.
A box will open on your page. You can resize it. Double click the box and a properties screen will open.
Browse for your flash show, it will have a .swf extension.
Then choose your preferences (mine are: Auto high, show all, transparent, and display all)
Click OK
Resize the flash show box to suit.
Lock All, Save, and publish.
You should be good to go at that point.
Unfortunately for me, my last one did not turn out as I wanted, the other three are how I wanted this one to look. Still looking for my answers... You can go to my Memories DVDs (http://www.memoriesdvds.com/weddingdvddemos.html) site and see how it should turn out for you, as well as the one at the bottom that DID NOT turn out as I wanted! LOL