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Beaded Jewels
01-28-2008, 05:07 PM
Dear Everybody,
can someone please tell me how the URL"s von successful payment and cancel payment should look like. I 've done something wrong and I need to know what . My URL's are as follows
Successful Payment http://www.beadedjewels.biz/successfulpayment.html
Cancel Payment

is this ok ?

Thanks so much for all your help

PS Where do I need to link them to in Pay Pal?

01-28-2008, 05:21 PM

These can be links to pages of your choice.

For example, if they cancel the order, you could just have the cancel url as your homepage? So they go back to the site again.

For succssful payments, take them to a page called 'thank_you' or similar and just create this new page with words like...

Thank you for your order, your goods should be with you in 7 days... blah blah blah... etc etc...

I also sent you an email, but you may not have received it. In your email link that I just got you to change to mailto: get rid of the www. bit, then your email will work.

Beaded Jewels
01-28-2008, 10:02 PM
Hi Ramsey,
I got your email , and I replied to it. My link works great, I did as you said. Thanks a bunch. What do you mean ? I thought that the index page is my home page. I am so not getting it with the cancelpayment url
Let me see if I undestand this right . I make a new page Like cancel_order page linking it to http://www.beadedjewels.biz/cancelpayment ?

Iam lost

01-28-2008, 10:35 PM
Hi Lexi,

I didn't get your reply by email?

Anyway, your indes page is your home page but whenever you link to your home page you just need the domain http://www.beadedjewels.biz You don't need to add the word index.

Now, you don't need to make a cancelled order page. If someone is buying an item form your site but then changes their mind, when they hit the cancel button Paypal are now asking you what would you like that customer to see when he cancels?

You could take him bak to the product page, or the home page. So if you want him to go to the home page you just enter http://www.beadedjewels.biz in the paypal cancel redirect page link.

Then for the successful payment page you want to say thank you to the customer, so just make a page called thank_you and then just put the link http://www.beadedjewels.biz/thank_you.html in the successful paypal link.

Does that make sense?