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03-01-2008, 10:22 PM
I have just created an application for myself that when it is clicked it can open a preset html page. It is not like Robohelp in as far as it can activate any preset page without a browser being activated.

Obviously it checks to see if there is a internet connection. It's not an automatic form filler at least not yet. It is very much in beta form. I do not need setup files help files etc. these could be created if there was enough interest.

My intention was that disc or downloadable applications could have a link that actually opened up a page from the disk or decktop without having a browser present. I have only tried it with IE but it should work with any browser.

My hobby is programing and use that ability to create applications to help myself. that is what started InkMon the universal ink monitor. Webmaxster is the actual program I use with BV for one to create my sites. When I finish my contract with my present provider I will probable use BV as it has more support even though my site will be conventional with a copy on my hard drive that I can access offline. I realise that you can download the files to your hard drive via ftp.

I like the ease of the BV web builder and now have an application to use the program for my site and for archiving and setting up a site in a archive cd/dvd.

I am gauging interest

I would like comments on this or any application that may be usefull.