View Full Version : Linking a file to a BV page without embedding in BV

03-21-2008, 08:29 PM
How would I create a page that would play a .wmv file I have uploaded to my voda CP files?

It is a huge file (262 MB) and I cannot publish it by putting it on a media player in BV. When I do try to publish the page the server times out about 5 minutes into publishing. I have tried this several times with no luck.

Is it possible to publish a page with a .wmp on it pointing to a file that resides in my CP files and I do not have to publish that file with the page when I do publish the page? In other words, how would I point a media player I put on a BV page I create to play a file that resides in the same folder the .html page would when I published it, with never linking that media player to a file on my computer before I publish the page?

the file I want to link to is 'storm.wmv'

03-21-2008, 08:36 PM
Hi, with that size file, you would be better offering it as a download via a link
I notice many are offering the video's via youtube these days. Might be worth a look.