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03-26-2008, 08:24 PM
sorry, i did post this thread in in another topic somewhere, but i hope thsi si the right one now.

hey, i am currently designing a website for a freind, she sells paintings, i am designing it with 3 boxes, 1` big on the left side, a slightly smaller on the right, and one long one under them both, the one on the left is where i want the image to appear after clicking one of the thumbnails, which will be always on show in the right hand box. and after clickign the thumb nail and the image is showing, i also need to long box at the bottom to be able to bring up the text required to describe the painting, this still needs to be aditable, as it is here that i shall be adding the buy now buttons form pay pal in. i am currently have the 3 boxes all with a new layer on top of each with a scroll bar down the side if it is needed, and would like it to stay this way. Sorry, but i am creating this site all offline, as i currently have no hosting or domain name for it, so it needs to be code i can use offline?

wow, ok,. i hope i didnt lose you guys too much there, i almost lost my self.

please could you guys reply here? or even better to my msn? (slaphappyjelly@msn.com) then perhaps you could help me with actual chat not pm's?