View Full Version : List your Top 3 Site Tips & Tricks

04-10-2008, 03:39 PM
i'll start off...

1. ever notice the cool little icon that shows up in your favorites / bookmark area or while your viewing that site? here's how, create an .ico file @ 48x48px and place it in the root directory of your site, make sure to name it favicon.ico. done.

2. instead of creating your buttons within BV only add some more pizzaz to your menus by creating them in a flash file first, then import them with the flash tool. fast easy way to create animated menus and drop downs. make sure all of your links are done properly first and verified.

3. want the web 2.0 look for objects etc. here's how. (beginner)
create a rectangle with a vertical fade, medium light color to dark, create another shape the same width but only half the height of the first one, fill object with a transparent white fill (not gradient, transparent)(20% or so) place over top of first shape and align to top and center. put your text either on top of the shapes or sandwich in between the 2 layers.