View Full Version : About passwords I know the answer is out there somewhere

04-16-2008, 03:27 AM
This is my first experience with Voda Host, Blue Voda, and with Post Affiliate Pro softwares. I have a site that is still in its "test" stage so I haven't got it up live yet. The reason being I'm still working on it however my question is this.

The main Site has both an open public area and then some secure links that I'm adding. The secured area will have some information and other member related items that my partner wants to have there. Here is the situation.

This site will have a member's sign up which is going to be in Post Affiliate Pro that we are using for those who want to join the Affiliate program.

There will be a drop down menu button for those files that are in the secure area from the main site. (I know how to make those links and the button). Those will require the member login to be able to access.

I would like use the Affiliate member sign up with password as their login to get to these files. I am not sure where the PAP Affiliate database is stored or how would be the best way to connect/link it so they could sign in for any of these files. I would prefer not going through the Affiliate Panel as this would be confusing to some when they first sign up.

I figured one way was to create a campaign to them but didn't want them to have to go through the Affiliate Panel to get there since this documentation isn't related to the Affiliate program.

Does anyone have a suggestion or help? I've never actually worked with php files before though I am learning quickly, have made many adjustments to the ones in the PAP program to suit my client's needs.