View Full Version : hi there! link question for all!

01-12-2006, 02:23 AM
Hi there - ive just done a basic home page and went to 'save as' and saved it as 'index' in the save as box. (bluevoda default file appeared)

i have a second page which i would like to link up to from a menu on the index (homepage) page- i call this second page 'abstract' and saved it as such after hitting 'save as' option.

should i be saving these as eg, 'abstract.html' or is 'abstract' enough?

then...when i want to go to this page from the menu button: when i edit the menu button to provide the correct link to the 'abstract' page should i type in 'http://abstract.html' or should i have something before this?

i dont own a domain name yet - just want to fine tune the demo website first...

help appreciated,