View Full Version : where should I save the php file?

01-14-2006, 12:51 PM
hello all,

I just exterat the php v 5 to c:/php and i make my computer a webserver.Then I tried to local server by both http://localhost and get a new w: "partition" in my computer containing some folders. When i click on the server link on index file that is find out on the php code then it redirect me to that W: partition's folder.

Then the next day W: partition just has been disapeared.

I just tried a simple helloworld.php file and i save it on the desktop.when i tried to open the file noting happen.

<!...File : ch01ex01.php...>
<head><titile>php by example :: chapter one :: example one </titile>
<body bgcolor = "white" text = "black">
<h4>php by example :: chapter one :: example one </h4>

/* Display a text message*/

echo "Hello, world ! This is my first php program.";

If any one know how to start writing the php code and test it please tell me. I need your help.