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Benjamin Langlois
05-04-2008, 01:30 AM
Hello VodaTalkers,

I am currently developing a website with BlueVoda (as I am sure you all are) and have a question that has been bugging me...

When you use an image in BlueVoda as a component in your website's design (i.e. it is on every page of your website), you must retrieve it from your computer hard-drive (I know you can use HTML to specify an internet location, but for argument's sake I am referring to the process of specifying a filepath). My question is this: will doing this cause BlueVoda to upload the image as a new image for every page, thus creating multiple copies of the same image on the VodaHost server, or does BlueVoda/VodaHost somehow know that it is the same image, thus only uploading the image once and using that one image for all website pages?

The reason I ask is that my website could potentially become quite large in page-count, and therefore (although VodaHost is very generous bandwidth-wise) anything that will keep my future bandwidth usage down can only be a good thing!

Thank you all in advance,

- Benjamin Langlois

PS: I am constantly switching between computers (I am not rich, I just use friends' and family members' computers!) and so the image's filepath I specify in BlueVoda will change unless I store them on an external hard-drive (which, depending on your answer/s to the above question may be something I shall invest in).

05-04-2008, 05:57 AM
Hi, it will upload images again, but only overwrite/replace the ones that are there, as you cant have 2 images of the same name on a server. BV now has the facility of publish changed files only in BV 10.00.