View Full Version : Help with adding a secure page containing an embedded Windows media file

05-06-2008, 01:37 PM
I started the day with lots of hair, sadly, I have little left.

I have added, rather, I am trying to add, a business presentation page that contains an embedded movie file created using Windows movie maker.
It work great in preview and I have managed to load it into a password protected "presentation" file under my public_html.

However, when I go on line, I am asked for a password to view the file but then get a 404, web page not found, error. I also cannot find it in preview from the other pages. So obviously I have a linking problem.

The page was saved to public.html/presentations. It is there in file manager and the movie works when operated from there.

Do I have to add the folder - presentations, before the page title under which it was saved (presentation.bvd) I have tried doing this but without success.

My wife would appreciate an answer before I lose ALL my hair