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01-16-2006, 09:19 PM
Does anyone know of an affordable gift/wedding registry software which allows customers to make a list of products they would like to receive as gifts? This would be exclusive to my web site only.


01-17-2006, 08:30 AM
Wow... I do not think such a script exists (I could be wrong) But if I am
correct..You should create one and you could sell it very easy.

10-10-2007, 05:56 AM

Our company sells a gift/wedding registry system exactly as you describe.

You can demo the system at the following address:


For further information about pricing, sales, and feature development. Please contact registrysales@synalta.com


09-09-2008, 08:08 AM
OK here's the deal..

I'm working on a wedding directory site... It's due to launch in a week and sure enough i'll be sharing it with y'all.

As phase 2 of my site i want to add registry. Can some one please link me to a person / site that tells me how this all works.. I'm tired of software ads and information for couples and how to make your registry. I want to know what the basic functionality of this..

What are the deals with the vendors
What are the benefits and convieniences to the couple.
Buyer benefits in terms of deliveries and packing.. And what to charge.
How the list will update on the site once someone has bought a gift from the list..

I understand that the software will make life easier.. bu ti want to understand the business point of view.. Can someone please help me out here.. never known.. only taken for granted!!!

Karen Mac
09-09-2008, 08:18 AM
Google Bridal registry scripts or WISH LIST scripts. It would update via a database.. a dynamic script would then display that information on a web page.

Most likely they wont be cheap. You might be able to have them custom scripted....contact David or Naval or both. Still wont be really cheap.


09-14-2008, 09:14 AM
Because it it a customer-driven function, you need some type of foundation (DB-based) to run the interface on, and typically the easiest "universal" platform is a shopping cart. Moreover, dove-tailing any function such as this into a Business Plan needs some careful consideration, as often it will require either a financial investment or an intellectual one to make things pan out for both yourself and the Clientele that uses it in good faith.....

If you are using osCommerce, THIS (http://webscripts.softpedia.com/script/Modules/osCommerce-Addons/osCommerce-Wedding-Registry-Module-7037.html) is one of the best registry scripts I have found is available as an add-on/plug in, but, as Karen hinted, at $1,469 it isn't exactly cheap unless you have a highly detailed marketing plan that will sustain this level of investment. It really is the Mother of such plug-ins, and someday I myself will probably use it on a Jewelry eStore!

If you are comfortable working with scripts (or have someone doing your web work for you), you might want to look into how THIS (http://www.bigwebmaster.com/1428.html) basic but quite functional Perl script can be the affordable $99 option as you tweak it into your web design. UNIX-based, it is pretty bare-bones, but it allows someone familiar with code to dress it up very nicely.... (I provide affordable programming (http://www.prowebsunlimited.com) services, if you need some help).

Also just $99, THIS (http://www.webscriptsdirectory.com/CGI-Perl/Organizers/WeddingRegistry-L317/) Perl script is fully functional, and seems easier to install and maintain (one of the things I analyze beyond price or listed features). Again, without knowing your personal expertise, intentions of maintaining, or planned method of presenting to an identified market, you need to look over this one for the particular parameters that concern you.

For a super-affordable stripped down functionality, THIS (http://www.filetransit.com/view.php?id=3854) $4.95 script mimics a full-blown script, but is really more like adding a "Wish List" button next to items as you would add a "Buy Now" button. The information then is forwarded to Admin as an email, or can be easily tracked to a DB compiler (such as ABVFP).

If you are uncertain of which way to go, and can't seem to lose the desire to have the "whole package" from the beginning, you may wish to Subscribe to a 3rd party to provide the function that makes sense for you and your site (there are many, all across the board price-wise). THIS (http://www.registryvalet.com/) one is less than $40 a month yet offers all the tweaks.

Bottom line, the prices range from $4.95 for a "Gift Registry" that you can make work as a "slave" within your own eCommerce plan to $1,469 for the whole ball of wax that is as professional as you can expect (and which requires the same from you). The average price of an average script is $99, and each has a positive side and and a downside. For about $500/yr you can subscribe to one to see how things go: if it doesn't pay for itself in a year, you can re-invent your Wedding market tool or opt to do something completely different having had a full-bodied experience with a script that you didn't have to compromise with nor be out three times as much as if you bought it outright ($1500).
See what I mean about the emphasis being on your well-thought Business Plan and an honest evaluation of your capability to sustain it?