View Full Version : Windows crashed...

05-16-2008, 09:06 PM
My office computer with Windows XP crashed... and was "repaired" by F11 or factory restore...
I have now seemingly losing my BV folders full of my published pages. BV Web builder is still there... just not my all my folders.
Could someone outline the simplest, safest way to copy files from the control panel and move them back to my computer and folders.
I probably would do one by one, but I am hoping there is a speedier way... as I already have a big job ahead to get my personal settings and email accounts back to normal as it is...
(or could there be a quicker way to do that I am not aware of?)
Not a great way to start a weekend!
Thanks for any help!!

05-16-2008, 11:22 PM
hi jazz
go to your tools, then FTM manager,
download all you IMAGES from your public folder (images only)
save to blue voda images!
then go to blue voda-click file -new page, then, from exiting HTML page!

you will need to get the full page web address first!

you can do this by going on your web site and copying and pasting the FULL url address into from existing HTML page.
this should open your web pages, you can then save them again. you may have to mess about with the pages a little bit.
hope this helps