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05-20-2008, 04:18 PM
I've been trawling the pages and can't see any references to creating 'professional' newsletters which I can send to my clients as an attachment to my emails. Obviously I can create documents via Word, Powerpoint etc but I want something that looks elegant and expensive rather than something I've cobbled together. I've looked on many external sites for templates to use but can I create from within Vodahost? If someone can give me a direction to go in that'd be great.

Many thanks.

05-20-2008, 04:31 PM
A lot of businesses publish their newsletters to their websites and then just use a clickable link in their emails to their customers. That way you can use your website for the newsletter archives and have the same look and feel as your site. :)

05-20-2008, 04:46 PM
Aaaaaah.....I see what you mean. That seems very straightforward to do, thank you.

05-21-2008, 06:45 AM
You can always use other mediums to keep connected with your groups, and especially effective is Video Email and Video distributions .....

Using 'next-breed' video quality and compression technologies, the results are stunning, and utterly customizable. You can email links directly, post as linked images or icons, or however works best for you situation.

You will find more and more uses of video replacing traditional publish and proclaim online distribution methods, for they are much more effective in creating a higher valued impression, conversion ratio, and levels of User retention and preference.

An example can be see by clicking either the image or the text link below:

http://www.ehrhardtenterprises.com/TFlinkImage2.JPG (http://app.talkfusion.com/talkFusionStudio/view.asp?191836_164175).............Click here to view my video email (http://app.talkfusion.com/talkFusionStudio/view.asp?191836_164175)

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05-23-2008, 10:08 AM
Wow, I really like that idea!! Thank you very much.


05-24-2008, 10:55 AM
(clapping hands) excellent as always, Vasili.

05-26-2008, 05:00 PM
You could use Constant Contact for a price or design your newsletter on Blue Voda, publish it, and then edit the HTML in the email to display your webpage.