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05-22-2008, 05:45 AM
I built my site using yahoo sitebuilder. really not knowing what I was doing, but it looks pretty good. I just want the guts to look good for the search engines too.

My question is: the program provided forms to fill out for the header (top of page) Where can I add more h1, h2 ,h3 codes. Sitebuilder has a box to insert html codes. If I added an h1 code to my page, can i hide the blue code box with the text in it. I already have a text box with the same information. Can the search engines see and pick up the hidden code when they do their searces. With the blue box on top of working page distracts me from what the page looks like.

Also, can you add h1 and h2 in the Main top Header or the body. Help