View Full Version : trying to publish but old page is there instead

05-22-2008, 04:47 PM
hi iv made my pages smaller and my index page but iv published them all again to get them up but i cant get my index page to change from the old one iv published it as i did it origenaly but it wont chang and iv made a new page its for contacting me but becauls i cant get the new index page up i cant see if it is working iv published my pages as www.andrands.com/contactform1.html (http://www.andrands.com/contactform1.html) but cant see it and published my index page but cant see that on my old page i put up a test page from my main page it is www.andrands.com/hulk.html (http://www.andrands.com/hulk.html) that worked when i did it but i cant seem to this time do i need to put for example www.andrands.com/hulk.html/contactform1.html (http://www.andrands.com/hulk.html/contactform1.html) or some thing im so stuck and for my mail to work well thats another matter please any suggestions