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06-14-2008, 10:14 PM
I am not sure how to post anything. I get very frustrated with these. They are all different. I have several questions. First, now that I have created a couple of "pages" using word to write out the information and copying it into bluevoda, the page will not save. I have tried everything I can to get it saved and it just won't. I also am not sure if I know how to link the pages together if that is the right term. I am very new at this kind of thing. I have created brochures, power points and such but never web sites without handing it over to an expert. I don't understand why there are so many different forums. It all has to do with blue voda. I am hot, tired and have been at this for two days and I need to get the hang of this so I can get my affiliates signed up to start making some money to pay the bills. Please help if anyone can.


06-15-2008, 02:04 AM
maybe it's miller time! what you hve to do is one thing at a time. when i started i remember vasili telling me to put one picture up and then publish the page. one at a time. then publish. you will get the hang of it. in any event if you would like some one on one help with the basics to get started just contact me through my contact me page on my website. reading and watching the videos are a must. but do one at a time and practice it. you mentioned that you used word to do the text. what i used to do is use word because of spell check then would copy and paste this in notepad and then bring it over to the page via the text tool. word will not give you the same effect on your page. something to do with the programming of word. like i said, sit back a bit and take a deep breath and if you are still stuck, call me. I will never charge for my services here as so many have helped me.
i too belong to many forums and this is the easiest, friendliest forum i have worked with.
good luck
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06-15-2008, 06:04 AM
OK...deep breaths...one thing at a time... and WITH DETAILS.

I am not sure how to post anything
You picked a good starting point!

I have tried everything I can to get it saved and it just won't. Well that's good but we don't know exactly what you have tried and what you have ruled out. Be specific. We will help you if we can.

It is okay to use "word" but you must remember that "word" adds a lot of formatting that is undesirable. It is better to use notepad for the text that you will copy to webpages.

We are here and some may even know your pain; be specific, so we can help. :)