View Full Version : Marketing idea for Newbies & oldies too!

06-30-2008, 05:59 AM
This is just food for thought for all those that realize that it is extremely difficult to compete in a market that has several million other websites competing for those precious 10 spots on Google!

Convert your sites to fundraising sites. Then you can market your products to hundreds of groups that are constantly looking for new and easy fundraising sources. (Not much worry about spam complaints from these groups, either!). Fundraising can and will increase your cash flow quicker than most other ways of marketing on the internet!

Most of us will find out eventually that as soon as you master S_E_O; along comes the BIG GUYS and knock you back to Google page 150,(if you're lucky)! There's just too much competition for us beginners. Now maybe after you have been at this for 5 or 6 years; you might get yourself up somewhat in the game, but in the mean time you want some cash coming in, right?? Fundraising can do that! It's amazing how giving can actually make you money! There's just something spiritual about that, isn't there?

So, enough of the soap box lecture....just wanted to throw out this idea. Maybe it will help someone.