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07-15-2008, 06:01 AM
I'm just starting out, so don't laugh too hard.. please!

I added images and letters, grouped together and locked at the top of my page to create a header.

1) I'd like to convert this to a GIF or JPG so it views the same on different platforms, but I don't seem to be able to do this. Does it have something to do with the images being grouped? Do I need to convert it or will it be ok?

2) When I preview the page my header is shifted to the center and not left aligned like I had placed it and locked it. When I unlock it and click Layout/Align/Left, all my images stack up on each other on the far right.

Any ideas?


07-15-2008, 07:49 AM
I figured out my issue with the header being centered instead of left aligned!

07-15-2008, 09:33 PM
to produce a gif or jpeg file you have to use a picture manipulation software program. a free one is www.getpaint.net (http://www.getpaint.net)
a program that cost a little bit is Picture It Pro. - google for website
a program that is a little expensive but very complete to do all picture manipulation is Photoshop.

07-16-2008, 05:17 AM
Thanks, Magoo, for the links. I have Photoshop, but alas, I don't know how to use it very well (I know... it's like having a Ferrari in your driveway and not knowing how to drive).

Since I created this header in BV from image files, will I even need to convert it, or could it possibly already be read as a jpg or gif?

Tom Finley
07-16-2008, 06:01 AM
What's the link, Mollye?

07-16-2008, 06:27 AM
I don't have a domain for this site yet, so don't know how to show it to you. . . ?

Tom Finley
07-16-2008, 07:13 AM
Oh, OK. I'm heading to bed now, but if you want, I could convert it all to a single jpg or gif for you. I don't use Photoshop but I'm betting you could learn to do it yourself very quickly. I'm guessing it's the same as similar programs: Import the photos, crop and align, add type, highlight them all and pick "Export" from the File dropdown menu and export as a jpg. You'll probably have to experiment to get the jpg to be the size you want on your BlueVoda page (it's good to use them same size rather than reduce or enlarge them in BV).


07-16-2008, 12:47 PM
yes it is, well maybe not a Ferrari, but you can get free on line lessons at
www.about.com (http://www.about.com) - they will send yo a lesson each week, have a forum and all kinds of good things. anyway, good luck

07-20-2008, 05:50 AM
Thank you for your suggestions and advice!! I'll check out about.com, and perhaps I can figure out how to convert those images. :))