View Full Version : help with re-publish

07-23-2008, 12:12 AM
I published the web site and can see it on the web but the hyperlinks (bottons) don't work. Figured out I put them to the wrong URL. Fixed it in Bluevoda published again but no change on Internet.

What am I doing wrong?

07-23-2008, 12:31 AM
Leave a link so we can test. Maybe you are caching hit f5 about 5 times then try.

07-23-2008, 12:33 AM
Hold down your "Ctrl" key and click on your browser's "Refresh" icon/button.

07-23-2008, 01:36 AM
link is b-blegalnursingconsultant.com I have added pages to FTP which i just learned, i have changed the button to http://index.html,http://aboutme.html,http://aboutcompany.html and http://membership.html as the url for the individual buttons. I have deleted all the old files in the file manager. and still no results.


07-23-2008, 01:44 AM
You have to specify the entire URL for your links to work, also you "publish" your pages not FTP them. Use the icon at the top of the page builder. Now the URL should be http://b-blegalnursingconsultant.com/aboutme.html for your about me page and follow suite for the rest.

07-24-2008, 12:39 AM
Thanks to all!