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07-31-2008, 08:15 AM
Yesterday i received an email through my website form and it was a bogus email address fghyyu.com (example) and in my boxes the person had all this html code. I wrote some down then my outlook crashed. This was all i wrote down. 1h5HIn <ahref="http//suxdrucuxrfqa.com [link=http//wbf3jfseraoj.com/] There was lots more of this with different crazy domain names. When i was on my computer after this it was like some of my settings have been changed (cookie settings). My bigest concern is i cant republish my home page as it doesn't respond all the other pages are fine (no settings or anything changed). Can you advise i have antivirus etc but i know there is something that this person has done to my computer, website etc. Does anyone know what i can do or someone i can pay to help.
Thank you
www.romanceinthecity.com.au (http://www.romanceinthecity.com.au/)

07-31-2008, 11:16 AM
Your website seems to be running fine on IE, at least for me.
If I were you I would take my email address off your website page and
put a page titled "contact" in which you make a form for them to fill out and respond to an email address, (which they cannot see). I am not sure
what they could have done to your computer with the bogus address, etc. (then put Spam Assassin on, also)
Hopefully one of the BV "Generals" will hop in here and give it a look.
Sorry that, that happened to you, bummer!
Good Luck!