View Full Version : Publishing Problem

sharon s
08-04-2008, 11:41 AM
i seem to be going round in circles with this one....
i had my site working fine..woohoo! no small miracle for me!

i added abvfp to make a form for uploading pics.
i successfully created the form page,error and thankyou page.
i will need to up the file upload limit, but i want the form processing right first- one step at a time.
i have altered varioUs boxes within the form, but these do not show when i publish.
i created a new ABVFP folder for this pages, and am publishing to them, as far as i can tell i have entered links correctly- any idea why i would not be seeing updated pages?

i have been struggling with this since friday, and really at my wits end now- i just don't know enough to find/fix the problems, despite the tutorials...

fingers crossed,
www.gemporium.biz (http://www.gemporium.biz) form link is on yourphotos page,(photo upload)